Changing World of Education

April 6, 2014

Education as I knew it no longer exists. We live in a world that is changing and evolving at the speed of light. There are so many new elements to the classroom, problems, strategies, and devices it is difficult to know what is better and what is appropriate to use in the classroom. I think that pedagogy is changing and developing in every classroom.


Even though things are changing there are some important aspects that must remain intact for the classroom to work. Teachers must maintain a level of integrity, maintain control, and guide students to help them discover and obtain information. These elements must stay intact! With that said, the classroom needs to evolve and remain relevant for students and the changing world. Students need to be ready for what lies ahead of them, whether it is college, career tracks, or a combination of these. We fail students when we don’t properly prepare them. Unfortunately I believe we are not keeping up with this task of preparing them. Educators hold on to old ideals and methods, even after we have determined that they don’t work.


If we know that students need to be able to process information and utilize to copious amounts of resources and information out there, why aren’t we teaching them how to use information more effectively and utilize resources to their maximum potential? I feel like other countries are ahead of the United States (US) on this aspect of education. The US tends to bogged down in politics and peoples opinions  and fail to make necessary changes and progress towards much needed outcomes.

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