Week 5: INDT 501-01 Creating a Video

February 17, 2013

I was very apprehensive about this assignment when I heard someone tell me it took that person three days to make his or her video. I had not even looked at it until Thursday night in class due to Internet issues at home. Thankful they were an easy fix and here I am! When I saw the videos that had been created in class I was a bit worried about the assignment and that I had waited to long. Once I decided on a SOL for US History 11th grade, I opened up animoto and found the easiest and most user-friendly site ever. I absolutely love it and will use it as much as possible in the classroom.


I will be a Special Education teacher once I am finally done with my degree, and I know that children learn differently from each other. Some children learn visually, some are auditory learners, and some are tactile learners this shows us that most children learn in an environment that offers a mixed learning format or a variety of techniques are used to hold their attention and to trigger the learning process. I do think that animoto is a great tool to enticing children’s natural curiosity and sparking an interest into a topic that might otherwise fall flat if the teacher stands in front of the class and gives a boring lecture about the Land and Lease Act and the Fourth Neutrality Act. I’m bored just thinking about it, but if you create a video that is exciting and maybe invite a local historian to Skype with the class and answer questions along with the lecture. You have created a lesson that is broken down and offers a variety of different things to hold their interest. I know some students that unless they are visually engaged prior to the lesson, they fail to comprehend the lesson and fall behind. This is such an easy fix, we can create a quick video to spark the interest of all the students and the students that need that visual interaction are being given what they need. This creates a better learning environment for all students.


While exploring the new environments of the digital world this week we focused on Google Reader and Twitter. Of the two I must say that Google Reader was the my favorite, I liked how we could link to our classmates and other interest areas and follow them in that one place instead of logging onto five different web sites and having to find them. It is a very useful tool and I think it would be useful in the classroom for the teacher as well as the students, it would save a lot of time for grading and also reading and sharing blogs. Twitter was my least favorite, I really just do not care that much for social web sites. I do think it is something that I need to become more comfortable with and investigate further and see where I can use this tool in the classroom. Most kids love tweeting and facebook, my only concern is parent reaction and explaining that it would be a classroom tool to enhance learning. I would be easier for a child who does not like writing to be a put a tweet out and can some confidence in themselves and the would be able to approach a larger writing assignment with a different attitude.

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  1. jfchokie27February 17, 2013 @ 10:57 pm

    Tracie, I agreed with your discussion of multiple learning styles in relation to the videos. I also think that you raise valid points of negative feelings toward social networking for your future classroom. Do you think that using a site that contained only the members of your classroom would help with those concerns. Great blog post.

  2. Carolyn O'NealFebruary 17, 2013 @ 4:52 pm

    I like your idea about using Twitter for students who might do better putting thoughts down in abbreviated form on Twitter than writing something more lengthy in school. Maybe the concept of tweets could be transferred to journaling with peers or setting up a classroom form of twitter. Students might find an interesting challenge in composing thoughts, ideas or information into a limited number of words or characters.

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