Week 15: Group Project Reflection

April 26, 2014

I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed all of the videos and everyone have good plans for their schools. I think that we all included unique components to our schools. I like the idea of a student centered school that has an open feel to it. I think that the school offers a nice relaxing environment to encourage students to feel good about their school and have an open dialect with their teachers and the administration.

I also liked the green school, I think they had some amazing ideas and it kind of reminded me of a large home school group environment. I’m not sure if I like K-12 together, but hopefully somewhere it would work. I love the idea of students being more hands on, more creative, and involved in their education.  I think that is similar to the model we created for our vocational type school. I think students really need to have a school where they can enter the job force once they are out of high school. I know that in some areas this school model would be difficult to pull off, but in the larger more suburban areas (like we live in) where they have several large high schools you could certainly pull from the student population of several schools and have students in a more centrally located school where they are prepared for their future. I think we also have to understand that every student is not going to college, at least right away.

I think everyone did a great job on this project and brought unique perspectives that are desperately needed in education today.


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  1. rtaylordoddApril 27, 2014 @ 1:53 pm


    Sorry you missed the presentations! I was glad your group certainly brought some different things to the table with the focus on job-ready vocational skills. Our grouped touched on a bit with our internship program, but certainly not to the degree and depth that your school did. The ‘separate track’ idea would certainly be a pretty sharp turn from the NCLB imperative to prepare every student for college.

    I noticed in her blog Alex also questioned the idea that Green Fork had of housing K-12 together, but I did like the idea of consolidating and saving land-grant space. Perhaps rather than having one “colossal” (as Alex put it) building, a ‘campus’ approach would work a little better. You could maintain some physical separation between the little ones and your high school seniors with separate buildings, but have some shared outdoor spaces (like their gardens/science lab extensions) to build that community aspect and cut down on total land use.

    It would take some creative logistical analysis to schedule arrival/dismissal timing and traffic solutions and whatnot, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be done. My middle school (the old Gayle Middle here, which I think was the OLD Stafford High or something?) had a campus layout, to much the same effect, and it was great just to get outside for a few minutes between classes.

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