INDT 501-01 Copyright Issues in Education

February 3, 2013

egyptian tomb

I am sure that as the Pharaoh’s were overseeing the amazing and backbreaking construction of their tombs and chambers they were not concerned with how it would be shared or how the images of their legacy and likeness would be used. We now live in a world that is digital and ever changing, and we have to be careful of what we put out on the Internet and how we use what others release. With tools such as Flickr, facebook, Tweeter, and MySpace information is everywhere and getting more difficult to control and protect the interest of all parties. As a person who loves photography and has taken thousands of images and created books as an Studio Art major this is a great concern for me.


The importance of teaching the digital natives of our culture the proper and legal uses of their resources is essential as they progress through the education system. Without proper guidance and instruction from teachers it is extremely doubtful that most or all students will seek out on their own the correct methods of using resources and the legal ramifications for infringing upon the copyright of a business or private individual. Students need to understand that “people can copy material under some circumstances if they cite the reference or get author or copyright holder permission” (Solomon,G., & Schrum,L., 107).



As teachers to the digital natives it is our responsibility to make sure that we help them understand that, “information literacy is a skill that is expected of students once they leave school” (Coffman,T., 35). It is also our duty to make sure that students are also able to determine, “how information is organized, how to find quality information, evaluate different types of information, and then create new information for others to access and learn” (Coffman,T., 35).


I think that we do students a disservice if we fail to communication the importance of copyrighting and we can use music downloading as an example. The large amount of legal fallout that has taken place since the laws have changed is an excellent opportunity for teachers to explain the importance of following the rules. I think this is something that the students can relate to and it would help explain the importance of the copyrighting laws. It really only takes a few more minutes to do something right. As for the image that I used of the Egyptian tomb I found the image on a Google search, after I searched Egyptian temples I used the advanced search feature and narrowed down the images by selecting free to use or share under usage rights, since I am not using this image for commercial gain I felt that it was appropriate to use this image in this blog posting.


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