Changing World of Education

April 6, 2014


Education as I knew it no longer exists. We live in a world that is changing and evolving at the speed of light. There are so many new elements to the classroom, problems, strategies, and devices it is difficult to know what is better and what is appropriate to use in the classroom. I think that pedagogy is changing and developing in every classroom.


Even though things are changing there are some important aspects that must remain intact for the classroom to work. Teachers must maintain a level of integrity, maintain control, and guide students to help them discover and obtain information. These elements must stay intact! With that said, the classroom needs to evolve and remain relevant for students and the changing world. Students need to be ready for what lies ahead of them, whether it is college, career tracks, or a combination of these. We fail students when we don’t properly prepare them. Unfortunately I believe we are not keeping up with this task of preparing them. Educators hold on to old ideals and methods, even after we have determined that they don’t work.


If we know that students need to be able to process information and utilize to copious amounts of resources and information out there, why aren’t we teaching them how to use information more effectively and utilize resources to their maximum potential? I feel like other countries are ahead of the United States (US) on this aspect of education. The US tends to bogged down in politics and peoples opinions  and fail to make necessary changes and progress towards much needed outcomes.

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INDT 501-01 information Literacy and Creativity

February 10, 2013

What a bunch of great, fun activities this week! I enjoyed playing with almost all of the tasks that we were assigned this week, I do however need to become more fluent with them. I really did not encounter any major problems with the varied exercises. The most difficult task was waiting for account approval, when I sit down to complete an assignment I really like to be able to work through them. Patience is something that I will be working on the rest of my life. One major thing that I have learned since starting this course is that I do not know anything about technology, but I will. I really thought that I was pretty up to date on a lot of things, that just is not so! I really enjoyed working on the Personal Learning Network for Educators, I know that for me it takes me several days to get used to something and to figure out exactly how it works. I have set a goal for myself to go onto this site everyday next week for at least 30 minutes and familiarize myself with the site better. This is a must for me, and I know that.


I really like the Google search engine and think that this is a real asset to the classroom, it really eliminates a lot of sites that I think that kids would get lost on and would delay their work. It offers the teachers a lot more control of what the kids are getting into and eliminates the large majority of poor or misinformed sites. I do think that kids need to figure out how to do better research and as they get better at they can venture off more on their own. I will be teaching Special Education classes so I really think this will be highly beneficial to my students. It offers more structure and control to the vast amounts of information out there.


I was not really happy with the searches I did on Technorati, maybe I just missed the point all together but the things that I searched really weren’t on there, except for the Washington Redskins which I found 90 results for, all of my other searches had zero or two results. I think that this needs to be explored further so that I can determine if this is beneficial to me in the future. As I continue in this class I really see the great benefits to myself and the kids that I will be teaching, I am glad that this class is in the curriculum and think that it gives me a broader base of information and tools to utilize in the classroom.

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