Week 6: Financing Public Education

February 23, 2014

I remember in the State of Virginia when the Lottery became legal, it was supposed to help fund education and give more money to schools. What a fantastic idea, until local governing bodies got their hands on the extra money. What did they do with it? Well, they found that they could cut the same amount from education and allow the lottery allocations to replace the cut funding. So what exactly did education get from the lottery allocations, absolutely nothing!! Local districts were able to put the money they were spending on education to other uses such as developing industrial parks to promote growth in their regions. The thought process was that if they could bring more business to the region, then they would have more tax revenue to spend on education. This never happened, or if it did it was on a limited scale. What would we do without creative financing? Virginia is not the only state doing this:



Since “property tax is the main source of revenue for local school districts” (Ornstein, Levine, Gutek & Vocke, 2014, p. 243) my idea for adding addition funding for schools is to raise the tax on alcoholic beverages by 5%. All of the money that is raised in a county or city would be spent in that district. I would also have it stated in the law that no funding could be cut from education and that this 5% increase in tax would be mandated for education funding without any locations being allowed to cut any funding that they are currently giving to education, without documentation of a loss in tax revenue (City of Danville, VA is a prime example of lost revenue). The only other way to distribute the revenue equally is to take all revenue and divide it by the number of students in the state and distribute the funds per student to local school districts. We all know that the ABC store is a busy place.



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